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Software for asset management, monitoring and predictive maintenance.

Sensaia is a software solution for the fields of operation & maintenance and financial asset management. All the solar park data flow into Sensaia, where they are stored and analysed. Predictive maintenance and the application of artificial intelligence allow precise forecasts to be made about where a system is likely to fail. This allows early effective action, reduces costly system downtime and helps in drawing up optimum maintenance schedules. The use of statistical process control (SPC) provides higher fault validity, which in turn raises service quality. Discover the future of solar monitoring today!

The advantages of Sensaia

There’s plenty of talk about AI – Sensaia is the real thing! Sensaia looks beyond standard monitoring and alarm management and picks up where others leave off: predictive maintenance based on the experience gained from using proven algorithms for over 10 years. Valid alarm recognition and intelligent management combined in one interface sets the course for the future and a new level of efficiency and planning security.

AI data for a smart workflow

Holistic evaluation & optimisation of assets with a customised interface

Combining data from several sources in one tool

Automatic reporting and alert notifications

PV systems overview. It is just like standing
next to every single solar module.
At the same time. Any time.

Focus on what counts.

With Sensaia, the focus is on the message from the underlying data. This establishes a workflow in which problems can be directly addressed and bundled into smart tickets. Saving time and money!

AI provides the basis for valid alarms

Monitoring solar parks is founded on high-quality, up-to-the-minute data. Only in this way can the operator make rapid, sound decisions. All alarms undergo an immediate AI-based quality test, which refers to historic data records, so that false alarms are excluded.

Automation & focus

Whether the focus is on monitoring yield or technical maintenance – Sensaia offers a customised user interface with effective possibilities for optimisation. And all done according to the motto: “Easy to use from the beginning – and customizable for professional needs”.

Have your wishes and suggestions incorporated into Sensaia.

Become a test customer: we would be pleased to integrate your solar park and go through the possibilities with you. We take your requirements and wishes seriously!

Features before official release

We are continually further developing Sensaia. Working closely with our partners is important for us to take PV monitoring to the next level. Our partners can use and help in the design of innovative features before the software is launched. After PV, the product’s application will be expanded successively to include other technologies. We are looking towards all renewable asset classes.

Predictive maintenance – detect failures before they happen.

Smart ticketing – intelligent tickets, based on the essential data from the solar parks.

Connecting worlds – connection to software from other service providers.

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We know what we are doing

Through our years of experience in the field of O&M of PV parks, we saw the need for software that thinks for itself, saves time and money and, in short, does things better. As part of Iqony, we can draw on decades of expertise in AI-based energy management. Together with a strong team, our objective is to take energy management to a new, intelligent and higher anticipatory level, so that solar parks do what they are supposed to do: generate the maximum energy.


A product from Iqony and SENS

We design, build and manage solar projects all over the world, ground mounted and rooftop. We devise solutions on the sunny side of the energy transition. We passionately believe in developing new and innovative solutions to operate solar parks even more efficiently and with greater foresight. Do you have any questions about Sensaia? Would you like to become a test customer? Then please get in touch with us!

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