STEAG Solar Energy Solutions (Iberica) S.L.U.

About the company

STEAG Solar Energy Solutions (Iberica) S.L.U. (previously GILDEMEISTER energy services Iberica SLU) was founded in 2010 and is located in Madrid.

In the first years at the market the company realised numerous large scale projects based on tracking systems. The team specialises furthermore on operation and maintenance of PV systems. By 2012 the services were offered all over Spain and Portugal. At the moment STEAG Solar Energy Solutions (Iberica) S.L.U. works on project development of turnkey solutions again and implement an infrastructure for large scale solar.

The team of the Spanish subsidiary of SENS currently manages over 100 photovoltaic installations with a total output of more than 120 MWp. Experience has also been shown with the construction of large-scale projects: 500MW of total volume have already been realised.

SENS STEAG Solar Energy Solutions
  • Operation and Maintenance of PV Systems
  • Project Development
  • Construction of PV systems
  • Full-Service-EPC
  • Refitting and Revamping of PV systems
Contact us

STEAG Solar Energy Solutions Iberica SLU
Phone: +34 91 5753521

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