PV Carport Croatia

Provide shade and produce energy

GILDEMEISTER energy solutions installs PV Carport in Croatia

In the Croatian capital Zagreb, customers of a well-known grocery chain will park even more conveniently in the future. Around 100 parking spaces in front of the store in the Blato district are covered with a roof. It offers protection from rain, snow and ice, but also provides shade in the hot summer months.

But the roof has a very special feature: while the parking cars are protected from the sun, the solar modules mounted on the roof capture the rays and convert them into energy. Altogether more than 750 modules have been assembled by GILDEMEISTER energy solutions (since July 2019 operating as SENS - STEAG Solar Energy Solutions) on the 1300 square meter carport. Together with the joint venture partner LSG Group, the so far largest photovoltaic carport of its kind has been built and put into operation by the group.

The total output of the plant is 208 kWp, using polycrystalline modules that are installed in east-west orientation. The joint venture partners were responsible for the conception, the earthworks and foundation work, the construction of the carport as well as the installation of the PV components and the grid connection. The project also has a special visual characteristic: A carport type was chosen in which the 10 required power inverters can be installed directly in the pillars under a cover.

In the future, the energy produced will feed the neighboring supermarket, so that about 20 percent of the daily demand will be generated by renewable energy.


Picture: Mirko Sečić