Energy Monitor at Gabler Engineering GmbH, Germany

Energy Monitor at Gabler Engineering GmbH, Germany

Referenz Gabler Engineering GmbH - SENS STEAG Solar Energy Solutions GmbHGabler Engineering GmbH was able to continuously increase its production capacities in recent years, which led to a steady increase in electrical energy demand and peak loads.

The decision to introduce an energy monitoring system was made to detect peak load situations as soon as they occur, thus preventing overloading of the transformer and power distribution. Since the introduction of the Energy Monitor on the basis of an individual measuring concept, the load on the power distribution of the location has been continuously measured and monitored.
The current utilization of the energy distribution is visualized in the production halls in real time. This allows the employees of Gabler Engineering GmbH to check whether the load situation allows a connection of plants or whether this would lead to an overload situation before switching on consumption-intensive machines and plants. With the aid of a load profile analysis on the basis of the recorded measurement data measures for the reduction of the electrical base load and reduction of the energy consumption outside the production times could be defined and implemented.
The Energy Monitor thus serves Gabler Engineering GmbH to ensure the security of supply for the production facilities and to reduce avoidable energy consumption.
Gabler Engineering GmbH is a mechanical engineering company specializing in the design and manufacture of process equipment for the pharmaceutical and confectionery industries.

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OPTENDA, formerly GILDEMEISTER energy efficiency GmbH, headquartered in Stuttgart, offers its customers holistic and individual solutions in the areas of energy monitoring, energy management, optimization of the energy efficiency of buildings, technical systems and processes as well as the reduction of energy costs.

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