Crowd investment platform Wattify from YOUKI and Iqony Solar Energy Solutions

Next generation investment

SENS partners with YOUKI to develop the crowd investment platform Wattify


The desire for sustainability has already reached all aspects of life. As a result, people are increasingly turning away from shares, bonds or investment funds that look unecological or ethically questionable. But what is the alternative? This is precisely where the Wattify crowd investment platform comes in. Together with its specialist partner in blockchain solutions and software development YOUKI GmbH, SENS has found a simple, secure and transparent solution. The platform empowers everyone to invest in various types of renewable energy projects.

Together into a future full of Good Energy

After a year of deliberating, developing and perfecting, SENS and YOUKI came up with a joint solution for sustainable investment. “Our goal is clear: we wish to drive forward the expansion of renewable energy. However, we cannot do this alone. Therefore, we have teamed up with YOUKI and looked for a solution that offers everyone the opportunity to influence sustainable and renewable energy projects,” says Moritz Wickert, Global Director New Business & Innovation at SENS. “These impact projects can be supported by the investment of any amount starting from one euro in our Wattify app. The degree of individual influence is also measurable: investors receive direct feedback about the effects of their investments,” adds Wickert. 

The two Bavarian companies SENS and YOUKI are taking a significant step in the direction of a sustainable future with their crowd investment platform. They jointly developed the concept of a platform based on blockchain technology empowering people to invest transparently and securely in renewable energy projects. The idea for the Wattify crowd investment platform is based on the combination of “blockchain meets renewable energy”. “It seemed natural for us to design the blockchain for Wattify to be completely climate neutral,” says Michael Stoussavljewitsch, founder and Managing Director of YOUKI and Managing Director of Wattify. The door is also opened for investors to participate in current SENS projects in this way.

“We bundle the best of both worlds into Wattify. The highest security and transparency from sophisticated blockchain technology and no intermediaries or minimum investment sums, thanks to direct access to renewable energy projects,” says Wickert. And Stoussavljewitsch adds: “The plan is to augment our experience in blockchain solutions with the expertise in renewable energy of the EPC service provider SENS and create a platform optimally suited to the needs of our users.”

From investment to financial yield

“Each individual investor contributes to the development, financing and building of new impact projects. The energy produced once the project starts operating generates financial yields for the investor,” says Wickert in explaining the crowd investment platform process. During the project’s operating life, every investor receives a daily distribution of the produced energy in the form of yield tokens, which represent the asset value. These are paid out 1:1 in euro. The investments are paid back at the end of the agreed minimum term.


Sustainable investment accessible for all

The Wattify platform provides an innovative solution for everyone who would like to invest in renewable energy projects and a sustainable future. Security, simplicity and transparency have a significant role to play and specifically in these types of innovations such as Wattify.

Security is guaranteed not only for data transfer but also for the investments: Wattify shifts the balance of power from a few big players to many individuals who can have a say and earn a share. This minimises the risk for each person. The sum invested can be any amount from one euro. This removes barriers to money being invested in real, sustainable energy projects. The latest statistics from the project, such as CO2 emissions and energy produced, information about the investment, current yield and ROI, can be viewed at any time and therefore provides the necessary transparency.

The future is almost here

The Wattify crowdinvestment platform will be available in the form of an app before the end of spring 2022. Then everyone who wants to design their investments in a simpler, more sustainable and more transparent way by working with YOUKI and SENS can ensure a sustainable future.



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