A look behind the scenes

At this point we could make fancy promises and rave about the work at SENS - but we had a different idea: Let's leave it to those who are in the know! Find out from our employees how it feels to work for one of the coolest companies in the Würzburg region:

Rebecca Oeder arbeitet bei SENS als Mitarbeiterin im Einkauf

Rebecca Oeder

Purchasing employee

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Dirk Brandecker arbeitet als Servicetechniker bei SENS

Dirk Brandecker

Service technician

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Erfahrungsbericht Laura-Sofie Lengl

Laura-Sofie Lengl

Working student in planning

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Sascha Link Projektingenieur STEAG Solar Energy Solutions GmbH

Sascha Link

Project engineer

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Alexandra Körner Head of Purchasing & Logistics STEAG Solar Energy Solutions GmbH

Alexandra Körner

Head of Purchasing & Logistics

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Dominic Müller arbeitet als Bauleiter im Geschäftsbereich Energy Systems

Dominic Müller

Construction manager Energy Systems

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Fabian Herr STEAG Solar Energy Solutions

Fabian Herr

Head of projects

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Lena Held Head of BPM & IT STEAG Solar Energy Solutions

Lena Held

Head of Business Process Management & IT

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Daniel Klöffel Mitarbeiter Projektentwicklung STEAG Solar Energy Solutions GmbH

Daniel Klöffel

Project development employee

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GILDEMEISTER energy solutions - Erfahrungsbericht Simon Müller

Simon Müller

Electrical engineer

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Modern, collegial, international:

Working with SENS

You love international projects, value a relaxed team atmosphere and want to make the world a better place? Take your chance at STEAG Solar Energy Solutions.


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