SENS - STEAG Solar Energy Solutions' storage systems clear the way for stable and cost-efficient energy supply.

Storage can be used optimally as the central component within a smart grid.

Solar system and charging station or integrated concept - both contribute equally to grid stabilization, acting as decentralized supply units and enabling temporary storage in times of surplus production.

They are ideal for cutting peak loads or for balancing fluctuations between production and consumption. Storage concepts are especially effective in connection with renewable energy systems, making energy available outside the power generation phases of the modules. Using a storage system you can also equip your location for a temporary power requirement by your E-Mobility system without having to invest in an expensive grid extension.

Let us advise you! Expertly we will take care of conception, system selection, implementation and customized control of your storage or smart grids - safely and competently thanks to our long-standing experience in our field of expertise.

By the way: the experts from GILDEMEISTER energy efficiency also provide the right tool for Monitoring your total energy consumption.

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