Energy Monitor – Software

The Energy Monitor is an intuitive power management software that offers many benefits to you as a customer:

  • Extremely user-friendly Professional, high-quality tool that can be operated intuitively at the same time - in other words, it requires little training, is easy to install and can be easily expanded.
  • Substantial time savings: Easy integration of all counting points and convenient evaluation options relieve you in your day-to-day business.
  • Detailed analysis functions: The Energy Monitor offers a variety of analysis options including a live data view for real-time monitoring of your energy flows.
  • vendor independence: As the system is manufacturer-independent, existing measurement technology can be integrated easily, and the system can be extended at any time.
  • Energy-intensive use: In one tool the Energy Monitor captures all Energytypes (Electricity, water, gas, oil, compressed air, heat, etc.). Everything that can be physically measured can also be digitally integrated.
  • Legal certainty: The Energy Monitor is legal in term of the DIN ISO 50001 and faciliate the elicitation and the regularly updating of energy data and key figures significantly.
  • Energy cost savings: The indification of the savings potential is easy and transparent using the Energy Monitor. You can quickly save money using specific measures.
  • Reporting by mouse click: The time consuming evaluations is over. With the Energy Monitor you get individual energy reports at the touch of a button, wich are tailored to you and your needs.

Further features of the Energy Monitor:

  • Control station: The real-time monitoring of the measuring points including the integrated alarm function helps to recognize unwanted operating conditions as quickly as possible and helps to remedy the situation.
  • Predictive Maintenance: The introduction of preventive maintenance through automated notifications reduces downtime and avoidable costs.
  • Extensive permissions management: There exist many applications for different user groups whom specific permissions can be assigned to; there is no limitation with regard to the number of users in the system.
  • Controlling: The extremely precise itemized assignment of energy consumption and costs provides for transparency and supplies a database that can be used for accurate cost calculations.
  • Process analysis: It is possible to optimize the machine usage, the valuation of the machine performance and the avoidance of the standby time.
  • Efficiency control: Energy Monitor provides proof of actual savings by implementation of individual measures, evaluating their effectiveness and thus establishing investment security for the future.
  • Bank standard data security Data hosting is done in-house or on certified German servers.
  • Nationally localized versions: Energy Monitor is fully available in German, English, Italian and Spanish – i.e. the respective language versions are already included in the package price.
  • Easy implementation and licensing: The Energy Monitor can be integrated quickly and easily into your corporate structure. Due to the simple license model ist is economically attractive.
  • Individual customer service: Of course, you will receive an individual and needs-based advice and our experts support you from the planning process through installation, configuration and commissioning. Upon request, we also accompany your regular data analysis.

Energy Monitor: Cross-sectoral references

The Energy Monitor can be used cross-sectoral. Our customers are taking place in the most diverse industries:

  • Engineering
  • Automotive
  • Shipbuilding
  • Metal industry
  • Plastics processing
  • Printing industry
  • Industrial meat processing
  • Industrial bakeries
  • Woodworking industry
  • Foundries

Did you know?

The Energy Monitor is even optimized for mobile use. Thanks to its programming in responsive design, the views adapt to the respective device. So you can also keep an optimal overview in the daily operation.

Do you need more information about Energy Monitor?

All features and versatile functions of the tools are summarized in our product brochure . Furthermore our team would like to answer any questions about the Energy Monitor and its applications.

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