Energy Data Management

Energy Data Management

Why you should also employ a monitoring system.


The use of an energy data management system or monitoring software yields considerable benefits for your company with regard to analysis, evaluation and reporting of energy data. Tailored visualizations for management, controlling and technical operation establish company-wide transparency.

You are efficiently informed about current consumption and cost development, able to analyze relevant key figures (= Energy performance indicators, Enpis) and power evaluations, and you are provided with a detailed load profile by just pushing a button. The continuous availability of energy data enhances energy awareness throughout the organization, providing for continuos savings. Enterprise-wide energy controlling is based on the findings from reliable measurement of energy flows and their representation in diagrams and tables. You also benefit from the options offered by modern software such as the Energy Monitor!

Your benefits are:

  • Automatica data gathering
  • Reduce of administrative expenses
  • Easy analysis of facilities and processes
  • Optimal operation of facilities and processes
  • Ensuring of Power Quality
  • Calculation and documentation of KPIs
  • Achieve savings
  • Meet legal requirements
  • Implementation of peak load management
  • Easy charging-on of costs (internal and external)

Roadmap to energy data management

Roadmap Energy Data Management

Why energy data management?

Energiedatenmanagement - OPTENDA


Overarching and system independent.

Automatic energy data monitoring enables a integrated view on all consumers, all kinds of energy and measuring units.



Prozessoptimierung - OPTENDA


Identify process optimisations in the production process.

Do you know how high your resource usage per product really is? Complete transparency in the production process is possible! Digitalising your energy consumption is the basis for linking with production data and other key figures. The Energy Monitor provides you with reliable data.



Analoge Datenhaltung - OPTENDAReduce personnel costs and error rate.

A very pragmatic and not to be underestimated aspect is the effort that comes with an analogous data management. On the one hand, meter values have to be recorded manually, on the other hand, this detection has potential for error. With suitable software such as the Energy Monitor, you can solve these two problems at once. Your trained professionals have more time to use the evaluations to identify optimisation potential and to solve problems in a sustainable way, because the tedious collection work is eliminated.

Digitalisation - OPTENDABenefits of digitalisation.

  • ✓ Without concrete data ≫ no analysis
  • ✓ Without analysis ≫ no problem identification
  • ✓ Without problem identification ≫ no solution
  • ✓ Without solution ≫ no improvement
  • ✓ Without improvement ≫ no savings and less profit

ISO 50001 Certification - OPTENDA

If you want to be certified according to DIN EN ISO 50001 (or 50003, 50006, 50015) you absolutely need to have a monitoring system.

≫ In this context, actions must be compulsorily proven by measurement.

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