Iqony Sens in Scotland Iqony Sustainable Energy Solutions partners with NFU Scotland to provide Scottish farmers with additional options to diversify farm income.

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Lease your land for photovoltaic and secure lease income for up to 30 years!

Iqony Sens, Iqony Sustainable Energy Solutions, leases your land and invests in green and clean energy whilst giving you a steady and stable income, helping Scotland to achieve it’s zero carbon target.

Iqony Sens is a globally active service provider in the renewable energy sector with headquarters in Würzburg, Germany. From the development and turnkey construction of solar parks and related services, we offer comprehensive industry solutions as well as an array of products and services in the field of energy efficiency.

If you have a plot of land of more than 30 hectares, then become our land partner now. We lease your land and you benefit from profitable rent payments while your land stays in good condition enabling it to be returned to agricultural use in future. Alternatively, we can provide support for existing solar projects that have stalled due to funding constraints.

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Your benefits in leasing your land for PV

  • Secure income over a period of 30 years
  • Higher rent payments than for regular land leases for agriculture
  • Your land keeps in good condition enabling it to be returned to agricultural use in future
  • Iqony Sens as reliable partner, who has the skill and financial capacity to quickly proceed with the project
  • All from one source: we develop, build and maintain the solar park on your land
  • Significant contribution to the energy transition

Photovoltaics and biodiversity

Biodiversity is the variety of animal and plant species on earth. This is threatened by excessive agriculture (monoculture, pesticides), increasing environmental pollution and climate change, among other things. 

A recent study conducted by the German Federal Association of the New Energy Economy (BNE) has shed light on the positive impact of ground-mounted photovoltaic systems on preserving local flora and fauna. The study revealed that open-space photovoltaic plants not only generate green electricity but also serve as habitats for plants and animals, providing them with protection from external influences. As a result, solar parks contribute to the increase in biodiversity at their sites. In some cases, such as the transition from arable crops to a solar farm, the biodiversity can even double.

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Iqony Sens in the
United Kingdom


Do you want to make a significant contribution to the energy transition? Then lease your site and secure an additional income for up to 30 years.

Iqony Sens is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Essen-based Iqony GmbH in Germany. With our subsidiaries in Spain, Italy, Portugal and the United Kingdom, we are working on the expansion of renewable energy across Europe every day. 

The British subsidiary Iqony Solar Energy Solutions UK Ltd was founded in August 2018 and operates from the locations Knutsford and London and from our soon to be new premises at the Rural Centre at Ingliston. The team at SENS UK takes care of project development, construction, operation and maintenance of large scale solar systems. The vision? Together we create the future in the UK with 100% Good Energy.

NFU Scotland

As Affinity Partner of NFU Scotland it’s our aim to encourage the expansion of renewable energy into Scottish agriculture and provide additional opportunities for diversification of farm income with minimal long-term environmental impact.

What does the ideal site look like?

For the construction of solar parks, SENS UK is looking for plots of land that fulfil most of the following requirements:

  • Minimum of 30 hectares
  • Ability to grant a lease
  • Good potential for grid connection
  • Brownfield or field without visual impact for local residents
  • No flood risks
  • Majority of land to be grade 3 or lower
  • No rocky or overly steep terrain
  • South or west facing slopes

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With our many years of know-how, we ensure a smooth process from signing the contract to commissioning.

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The most common questions about land leasing for photovoltaics

How long will it take to build the solar park?

The duration for the construction of a solar park can vary greatly and depends on various factors. These include the size of the project, site conditions, bureaucratic approvals and grid connections. As a rule, the construction of a solar park takes 17 to 24 months.

What happens if the grid cannot be connected over a long period of time?

It depends on the individual case. We are normally able to consider sites that won’t be able to connect until 2030 as well. Individual consultation is necessary for longer periods.

Can I continue to cultivate the land myself?

Yes, in some cases it is possible to use the land for example for grazing sheep. We would be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.

Who pays the costs?

SENS leases your land covers all costs including grid applications, planning, studies, expert opinions and legal costs. You will not incur any costs.

What happens after the 30 years?

If there is no agreement on the continued operation of the PV system after the expiry of the contract term, we will dismantle it without leaving any residues and return the leased area to its original condition. So it can be returned to agricultural use as well.

I have already signed a lease with another provider, but would prefer to accept a lease offer from Iqony Sens. What can I do?

There have been a few companies contacting landowners and signing options for solar parks or battery sites. In some cases, companies simply tying up sites without the financial capacity to build a solar park, which can lock your site. There are numerous reasons when or why a lease can be terminated. We’ll take a free look at the paperwork to determine what your options might be. Please contact us.

Secure an additional source of income for the next 30 years through leasing your land! Contact us now.

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