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We’re giving light to people in need

Oil lamps pose a high risk

Did you know? Nearly 1.1 billion people all over the world have no access to electricity. This lack of electricity has significant impact on health and safety, since the only alternative are fossil fuel-based lighting sources such as kerosene lamps and paraffin candles.

In many cases, those are used by families to light their entire home. The mostly self-built oil lamps emit black smoke, are extremely harmful and rather expensive. Kerosene lamps contribute to the death of more than 4 million people annually as a result of indoor air pollution and kerosene-related fires.

Thanks to the Solar Lights, we help those in need in South Africa and West Asia

Solar lights as a safe alternative

By replacing oil lamps with solarlights, reduce the risk of fire by an estimated 70 percent and the risk of burn injuries by an impressive 80 percent. The solar lights help people while they are studying, working or simply in their spare time.

In addition, the solar lights are brighter than oil lamps and can also be used as safety-lightings to make people feel safer during nightly walking-tours. Fully charged, each solar light provides up to more than 5 hours of constant bright light at the highest and more than 16 hours of ambient light at the lower power mode setting. They can be hung from the ceiling, placed on a table as a desk light, can be used as a hand torch or used on the go and - most uniquely – due to strap holes in the casing can also be used as head torch for hands-free work, walking or even biking safely at night.people annually as a result of indoor air pollution and kerosene-related fires.

During the day the solar lights are charged outdoors

SENS makes a contribution

Instead of gifts for the business partners, SENS decided to provide Solar Lights for people in need. In total more than 2,600 Solar Lights will be delivered to beneficiaries in Yemen (Western Asia) and Bangladesh (South Asia).

That way, we can provide an alternative to the dangerous and unhealthy oil lamps for the local community and simultaneously make our contribution as a company. To realise this project, we are working together with Namene Solar Light Company, which produces this solar light for people living in very remote areas that do not have direct access to electricity.

Solar lights as an alternative to oil lamps to people in need