Sascha Link


Project engineer

University and work:

With my master's degree in renewable energies from the University of Kassel, I was able to qualify for the construction planning section at SENS (former GILDEMEISTER energy solutions) and since then I have been contributing my in-depth knowledge in the field of renewable energy generation to this young, dynamic company.



Within a short time, I was able to assume my initial responsibility for the planning and simulation of large solar parks on all continents. For this it is necessary to visit the construction sites worldwide. This gave me, among other things, the opportunity to travel to Iran during the month of fasting Ramadan, which is certainly one of the intercultural highlights of my previous professional career.

Another exciting project was at a cement factory in Namibia, where I was allowed to participate in the planning and construction of the largest open space photovoltaic system for industrial customers with a private electricity purchase contract.

By building up the new "energy systems" business unit, SENS now focuses more on holistic energy concepts for industrial customers with PV systems, energy storage systems, energy efficiency and electromobility solutions. This enables me to contribute my knowledge acquired at SENS from the areas of substructure for PV systems and regenerative plant planning and to personally contribute to the energy transition.

Today I carry the planning responsibility for a large number of individual projects in Europe. In addition to communicating with customers, subcontractors and authorities, the creation and control of execution plans and the simulation of the system are the focus of my work. As project manager I was also able to gather initial experience in project handling with customers from the food retail trade.



STEAG Solar Energy Solutions enables me to master the challenges of everyday life even in stressful project operations through optimal framework conditions. My modern workplace with state-of-the-art IT equipment combined with flexible working hours in our headquarters in Würzburg also gives me the opportunity to wonderfully reconcile my private life, volunteer work and work. I especially appreciate the company's health management consisting of various sports activities, fruit baskets and relaxation units.