Dominik Staub


Project Engineer / Instructor

Success story:
from intern to project engineer

During my studies in the field of energy and environmental systems engineering at Ansbach University of Applied Sciences I was able to gain initial work experience as an intern in the Planning Department at SENS (at the time still GILDEMEISTER energy solutions). After my final semester in Ansbach I was then given the opportunity to write my B.A. thesis at the company. After completing my studies I was given a job by the company and started working there as a planning engineer for major global projects. Since the change of group about a year later I have been employed by STEAG SENS.

My work includes the supervision of projects from start to finish. First I help the Sales Department with the initial designs and offers. Then, when the contract is signed, I start with the detailed planning. I draw up all the structural plans necessary for the construction site so that the project can be implemented. This happens in close cooperation with the electrical planning, purchasing and project management teams. From the start of the building work I am also in close contact with the construction manager on site. I provide assistance by telephone or sometimes I am present directly on site. Since these projects are always specific and take place in different countries, the work is very exciting and varied.

Starting in 2020 I have also been working as an instructor for the occupation of technical system planner, and I am currently mentoring one of the first trainees at SENS.


Highlight: Fun in the team

The atmosphere in the team is always positive. Even when the work is very stressful and fast responses are required, there is still time to switch off for a moment and have some fun. Our company is really flexible, in the truest sense of the word. Not only our flexitime model, but also height-adjustable desks and in-house sports activities such as darts and table tennis reflect this. Other highlights are definitely outside activities such as visits to wine festivals and fairs, the Christmas party and even the football get-together.