Bernd Retzlik


Senior Sales Manager

Success story:
over 13 years in the PV industry

Having mastered various trainings and professional challenges for more than 45 years now, I can say that the 15 years in the field of renewable energy are still among my favourite years. With my work, I can also contribute to making our planet a little more worth living!


University and work:
degree as an energy consultant

Looking back, I’m proud to say that it‘s not too late to change the direction and begin a new course of studies at the age of 40. By obtaining my degree as an energy consultant, I seized the opportunity to further develop myself. I do enjoy my current job at STEAG Solar Energy Solutions: I advise and assist commercial customers on planning efficient energy concepts for their companies.


working with a young, dynamic team

What’s very special and refreshing about my work at SENS is that I can work with many young people. I love witnessing their enthusiasm and ideas. At the same time, I’m able to bring in my expertise and some serenity, if needed. That blends quite well!


meeting customers in person

As a Senior Sales Manager I’m able to travel a lot and meet my customers directly on site. Instead of working at the headquarter of SENS in Würzburg, my office is a coworking space in Dortmund due to my home residence. I especially like the innovative and buzzing working atmosphere. For regular consultation, however, I am always pleased to visit my Würzburg colleagues.