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We are pleased that you are interested in a career with SENS - STEAG Solar Energy Solutions. Here are answers to frequently asked questions. If we can not help you here, write a message to our contacts .

How do I apply?

Please exclusively use our online system for applying as this is the fastest way for both you and us.

Why do we prefer online applications?

Your data can be processed faster and more efficiently - even if your contact person should be ill or not available. We also wish to protect our environment and therefore prefer to work digitally.

How does the online application work?

You can find more information about the application process here.

I would like to apply for several positions, is that possible?

First of all, think carefully about which position most closely matches your ideas and qualifications. If you have a question regarding this, feel free to call us and we will discuss your options with you. If you still have several positions in mind, apply for your favorite position and state in your application which other positions are of interest to you.

How exactly does the application process work?

You can find a detailed description here.

Which documents belong to a complete application?

You can find detailed information here.

How long does the application process take and when can I expect an answer?

Immediately after receiving your application you will receive a confirmation of receipt. The entire process takes about four to six weeks. If you need an answer earlier you are welcome to call us.

How long before the desired appointment date should I apply?

If we have advertised a job that suits you it is best to apply immediately. Just enter your earliest possible starting date in your application, then we can plan better. If you are interested in one of our internships, you should apply 3-6 months before your desired starting date.

To whom do I address my application?

Address your application to the person indicated in the job advertisement. If nobody is indicated, address your application neutrally.

Can I apply again if I am refused?

Of course, you can always apply to us a further time. Refusal does not mean you are generally not suited. We would also like to check your suitability for other positions.

Can I talk directly to employees about work in the company?

Our employees can most easily be encountered at trade fairs. You will find an overview of our future trade fair appearances here.

How do I know if an advertised job is still vacant?

We are constantly updating our website. As long as a call is still published, you can apply.

Which language skills do I need for a successful application?

This depends on the respective job. For the German locations fluent German is imperative. Good English is also very important for our international projects. We offer our employees the opportunity to further develop their language skills by offering a language program.

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